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Game preview - Parked in the Dark
Aug 8, 2019

Parked in the Dark is an arcade style game with light and comical horror themes. CAUTION: This page is animated GIF galore.
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Have you ever lost your car in a parking house? Then you probably know the frustration. Parked in the Dark is an arcade style game with light and comical horror themes. Pick up clues to find your car in a deserted garage as the clock is ticking. But you are not as alone as you might think. The general game idea is a simple pickup-and-play style with high replay factor.

You are inside a seemingly deserted parking house with 4 stories and your single goal is to find your car as the clock is ticking. All the cars inside the parking house are, of course, randomized so that each play-through will be different. What's the catch? You need to move fast as you are being stalked by something inside the parking house and as the clock is ticking, this entity will get more intense and eventually catch you if you're not careful.

Once you find your car - you are not out of harms way yet - as you will first need to unlock the car. If you find your car fast enough, your time will be recorded in the online highscore table.


To help you find your car you can pick up clues, that can give you a visual indication of the location of your car. This can either be a hovering balloon above the car, or be it that the car itself starts to flash.


In order to find your car as quickly as possible and to easier avoid the stalking entity, you can pick up bonuses to either increase your move speed, gain more time or increase the car's unlock speed.

Dude, where's my car?


As you move about the garage, you will soon notice the wailing ghosts of previous car owners still looking for their cars. If you're lucky you can walk through them and recieve additional bonuses - or, unlucky and recieve a penalty. Ghosts carrying bonuses will have a blue glow.



Even though the game has a light horror theme, I wanted to make something different than the usual dark horror and decided on flat and colorful aesthetics with comical horror elements and sound effects. The graphics are very minimalistic and light-weight, yet nice to look at as you wander around the parking house. You will notice some retro cars which binds together the tone of the game.


In closing...

Parked in the Dark will initially be available on Windows PC, Android and iOS. The game will be available for free download on Steam. The game is estimated to be released on Steam within the coming months, followed by a release on Google Play and the AppStore.

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