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Halloween 2016 sale discount

Happy Halloween everyone! One Late Night: Deadline is available at 45% off on Steam!

Read more Oct 28, 2016  - Nov 1, 2016

Steam Summer sale

Get One Late Night: Deadline at 50% off on the Steam Summer sale 2016!

Read more Jun 23, 2016  - Jul 4, 2016

One Late Night: Mobile released

One Late Night: Mobile is released on Google Play!

Read more Mar 31, 2016  - Mar 31, 2016

MÅRD announcement

Black Curtain Studio unveils a new type of action/horror/exploration fusion in their new game "MÅRD". Click here for full press release.

Read more Feb 4, 2016  - 

Steam Holiday sale

Get One Late Night: Deadline at 70% off on the Steam Holiday sale!

Read more Dec 22, 2015  - Jan 4, 2016

Halloween 2015 sale discount

Halloween 2015 sale discount on One Late Night: Deadline at Steam and IndieGala.

Read more Oct 29, 2015  - Nov 1, 2015

Paper Craft Battles release

Paper Craft Battles will today be released globally on the Appstore and Google Play.

Read more Sep 25, 2015  - 

Paper Craft Battles announced

Paper Craft Battles is a turn-based strategy game in a world made of paper. Coming soon for iOS and Android in the AppStore and Google Play! Take a look at the release trailer here.

Read more Sep 10, 2015  - 

Indiegala game bundle

One Late Night: Deadline will be featured on the Indiegala monday bundle.

Read more Apr 27, 2015  - May 3, 2015

One Late Night: Deadline on Desura

One Late Night: Deadline has now also been released on Desura!

Read more Jan 30, 2015  - 

One Late Night: Deadline released!

One Late Night: Deadline has now been released and is live in the Steam store. Thank you everyone who has supported the game through the development and Greenlight process. I hope you will enjoy the game as much as I enjoyed making it. In future updates of the game there will be some optimization work to make sure the game runs smoothly on as many types of systems as possible.

Read more Dec 22, 2014  -