You might be interested to know what has been going on during the beta test of One Late Night: Deadline. 

A lot of improvements has been made, especially in usability. Stuff like on-screen hints/tooltips to help you along the way and visual indicators for collectible items, all which the original One Late Night mostly lacked.

Most importantly, after a considerable amounts of tests, I determined that the AI in the game was pretty lackluster and boring and therefore I decided to give it a complete overhaul.
This means a lot more exciting and terrifying gameplay were you have to stay on your toes and actively hide at the right moments to keep yourself out of sight from threats. Unlike the original game you can now hide in any low space by simply crouching, e.g under a desk. 

Finally, some graphical improvements and optimizations has been made for an overall more natural look to the visuals. All in all I feel a lot more confident in being able to release the game next month, just in time for the holidays.