Exploration/action/horror set in northern Sweden.
    Get it now on Steam!
  • One Late Night: Mobile
    One Late Night:
    The horror experience at the office
    continues on mobile.Out now on
    Android and iOS!
  • One Late Night: Deadline
    One Late Night:
    The horror experience at the office
    continues. Out now on Steam!
  • citybg
    Paper Craft Battles
    Paper style turn-based strategy
    on iOS and Android.
    Out now!

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Black Curtain Studio is about creating life-like games that are rich with detail. Because games are more than just games.

Black Curtain Studio

The philosophy

of Black Curtain Studio

The main philosophy of Black Curtain Studio is to take everyday scenarios and settings, add a twist and make a interesting game of it.

Idea is born

Concepts are designed

Development in progress

Game is tested

Polishing iterations are made

Game is ready

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Latest news from Black Curtain Studio

MÅRD release

MÅRD will be released May 31st on Steam!

MÅRD Gameplay Trailer

MÅRD gameplay trailer released!

One Late Night: Mobile released!

One Late Night: Mobile is now finally available on Google Play!

MÅRD Press Release

Black Curtain Studio unveils a new type of action/horror/exploration fusion in their new game MÅRD.

Paper Craft Battles in your browser

Paper Craft Battles can now also be played for free in your web browser.

Paper Craft Battles released!

Paper Craft Battles has now been released on the AppStore and Google Play!

Paper Craft Battles announced

Paper Craft Battles is a turn-based strategy game in a world made of paper. Coming soon for iOS and Android in the AppStore and Google Play!

One Late Night: Deadline bundle

One Late Night: Deadline is as we speak featured on the Indiegala weekly bundle. Get it while it's hot!